Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Billing and Certification Services

Impyrian manages a billing and certificate issuance process for CMS to systematically publish and distribute CLIA laboratory fee coupons, certificates, and correspondence. To accomplish this health-related mission, Impyrian conducted daily reviews to reconcile and resolve account payments in the CLIA billing system for approximately 280,000 active laboratories. This work requires Impyrian employees to access CMS systems including the CLIA-116 database, ECP (Electronic Check Processing), systems, and the CLIA Online Management Post and Storage System (COMPASS), to generate, track and report on the project’s activities. Impyrian is also in the process of designing and developing several technological enhancements to move from the current hybrid paper/electronic process to a fully electronic process, automate email responses based on need utilizing a custom content management system and successfully migrate the program to use fully electronic storage for management of records. Impyrian also provides security to conform to systems security requirements specified in Part 6 of the HHS IRM Manual and unique CLIA database security requirements.